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Saturday February 24, 2018

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Qualified Academic Writers

Essay Inn provides its clients with High Quality Essays mainly due to the expertise and more so the dedication of its Qualified Academic Writers. We highly value our department of 120 Qualified Academic Writers, as each one of them is somehow involved in contributing towards your essay in one way or the other. Brace yourselves as we put forward our Top 5 Qualified Academic Writers:

Lily Turpin, (Creative Writing - MA) Loughborough University
"Hi. I have over 8 years of vigorous creative writing experience after graduation, with two famous Magazine Editorials. I have written hundreds of creative articles on sociology and motivation before moving my career up to write for Essay Inn and it is by far my life's most satisfying journey."

Lily writes about anything and everything that she can get her hands on and this is what opens up her creative side.

Luke Smith, (Historical Studies - PhD) University of Cambridge
"Hello there. Don't you think where you are living in could one day be History for other people? I believe that History encompasses everything, anywhere from our lives to our daily habits. History to me is not only about events but it is about the people that make it. I am fond of everything that is a part of making it."

Luke is passionate about History, its explorations and is mostly concerned about analysing and evaluating trends in how it repeats itself.

George Campbell, (English Language - M. Phil) University of Cambridge
"Hello. My name's George and I have been tutoring hundreds of students for about 10 years. I love English Language and I believe students who are struggling with it (possibly because it is not their native language) should take steps to learn it as it is not as difficult as it may seem."

George's main aim in life is to educate and watch as education is used to refine personalities.

Harry Thompson, (Political Thought and Intellectual History - PhD) University of Cambridge
"Hi there... I enjoy reading, writing and analysing the Current Affairs and comparing it with History. I have about 6 years of research and writing experience with Essay Inn and have been enjoying the experience as I get to research and write essays that require critical thinking skills. I feel very satisfied with my job when students contact Essay Inn to say they got an A Grade in their essay."

Harry has been working with us ever since he completed his PhD Research Program and has contributed vastly to the growth of Essay Inn using his academic expertise.

Rebecca Davies, (English Literature – M. Phil) University College London
"Hi. I have served as a Subject Supervisor at three reputed universities for 10 years before realising my need to write to be satisfied with my life. Since then, I have been writing for hundreds of students at Essay Inn and enjoying it as the feedback I get is immensely satisfying."

Rebecca is one of our renowned writers because she has an edge when detail is involved. She is an expert in reading for meaning from large volumes of text and concludes analytically to provide depth to an essay.

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